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Audi FIS Ski World Cup Val Gardena / Gröden

What Mapel, Dressen, Fill & Co. are saying about the Downhill Training...


Wiley Maple 
Surprisingly great training run. This course is what we Americans are used to, the terrain, the bumps, etc. The top of the track was pretty snowy and not that great during the inspection, but the rest is in great shape, hard, icy but still smooth with good jumps. I don’t know why I did well as ski racing is still a bit of an enigma to me. I just came back after 1 1/2 years off the snow and the last races of the year I was slow and didn't know why. Today I had low expectations and just wanted to work on my skies and it worked out. 

Thomas Dressen
 I am very satisfied with my ride today - even if it was shortened. The Ciaslat was aggressive but nonetheless I could race it a bit better. I was really looking forward to this training run today and the run was really a lot of fun. In general, we can record a very good team result today. I believe our secret at the moment is that we come in with low expectations and nobody expects us to race in the front - that gives us a certain amount of ease.

Werner Heel
I am very pleased that I did so well in the training today - even though I did not even feel that I was that fast during the run. Now I'm even happier. I am looking forward to tomorrow's training, because then we can start from the top and race all the passages properly. Some sections are still in need of improvement for me. But I’m pleased today finishing the training in fifth place. Who knows, maybe I can deliver a surprise with a higher bib number on Saturday. The track was in good condition; in my opinion it was even better that it rained and not snowed on Monday.

Peter Fill
The track is really in good condition. It was a pity that we could not start from the top. In the upper part there was a snow layer from last night that broke this morning - so the upper section was clearly not doable. But I am convinced that this upper part of the course can still be fixed before the race. Of course, no one expected the rain a few days ago; these conditions are just difficult to get under control. My run was a bit mixed and I missed a gate because it was different than in recent years. But the conditions will certainly change again until Saturday. I hope to do well even if the Saslong always benefits good gliders more. Nevertheless, I will give my everything on Saturday.

Christof Innerhofer
In the final part, I missed a gate that I approached too direclty. It can happen. I effectively had little time for the inspection of the lower part. I had a good feeling all the way, as confirmed by my interim times. The slope is compact in the lower part and soft in the upper part. I am convinced that there will be a nice anniversary race. Hopefully there will be a training from the top to the bottom tomorrow - only then can you really tell. I do not think about the result on Saturday before a complete training is done.

Nicolas Raffort
I was more confident this time than last year when it was my first run on the track. Today i tried to give my best and ski and the track was fast and very good. The first part is very hard and compact and it’s a pleasure to ski. The flat section requires a little more work as the snow is fresh but tomorrow will be better and I also expect it to be good for Saturday.

Mattia Casse
I am satisfied, my ride went well today. I’ve been back on skis only recently after an operation to my ankle so I didn’t expect much from. In fact, I was still a bit wary of the jumps and bumps. I am definitely motivated and I hope for a good race. Val Gardena and Bormio are home races and it’s important to me to do them both well.