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What the racers had to say about the training runs


Racers - and others - expressed their opinions on the training runs.

Nicol Delago
"I know the Saslong very well because it's my home course. It’s beautiful, a perfect downhill run. There are steep stretches and beautiful turns. I'm looking forward to what's coming".

Tina Weirather
"I've always wanted to race the Saslong, and now the time is finally here. Racing on this track is really fun. You always have to be present. Unfortunately, the track has been strongly mitigated and is a bit short. Which means it will be difficult to build up speed so it’s important to glide a lot".

Michelle Gisin
"It's a great course. The speed isn't as high as I expected. Otherwise, I really enjoyed training here on the Saslong. My material is working very well".

Anna Veith
“I expected it to be technically more difficult. They have mitigated the course for us substantially, you have to glide a lot. I want to improve even more."

Federica Brignone
"I would never do the course that the men because it's very difficult. They made it a bit easier and adapted it for us women. I'm not anxious at all, I like it very much on the Saslong. It is so beautiful in Val Gardena/Gröden. I'm curious to see what the races will be like."

Victoria Rebensburg
"I believe that the men’s race is much more demanding than ours. You have to tackle the rolls well, but otherwise it’s pretty straightforward. There are about nine gates where you have to be in full-attention mode."

Ester Ledecka
“I'm looking forward to tomorrow. I haven't skied much in the last few weeks and so I'm happy about the result. Normally, the Saslong is a men's course, so I'm curious to see how things will go for the ladies".

Ramona Siebenhofer
“One races without any expectations during the training runs, just wanting to get to know the track. The line in the Ciaslat has to be very precise or else you lose all the speed. The condition of the course is excellent. I'm looking forward to the races!

Peter Fill
"I'm happy to be the forerunner of the Saslong. I use this opportunity as training. I think the ladies will like this downhill very much because it is beautiful. It will definitely be an interesting race. You always have to be careful that the speed stays constant. The course is not that easy but I still hope that the ladies will enjoy it."

Verena Stuffer
"I didn't train for today. I really liked it very much because I know the track and know how to race every bit of it. That's a very big advantage. I think it's a pity that I won't participate in the races, but I'm glad that I'm a forerunner."

Johanna Schnarf
"Despite my accident, I didn't leave without cheering on my teammates. I hope that my team is on the right track. Nicol did a great job, but the others are also very good. I'm excited and will keep my fingers crossed for everyone!

Nadia Fanchini
"It's a very nice, easy track. It is exciting that we are allowed to race on a new course. I'm always very concentrated when I race, always paying attention. But I never risk much, and I want to improve to be able to give my best in the race".