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What the racers say about the race ...


Josef Ferstl
It honestly still hasn’t fully sunk in yet. Even if that sounds like a cliché, it’s totally true. I was simply the best in the world today. I knew I had a good race, but that it would be enough to win, I wouldn’t have thought. The weather had changed, but nonetheless you had to have a good race to win. I am now among the elite circle of those Germans who have won a World Cup race - I'm very proud of that. Today was a good day. Four years ago, the German team was at the bottom. We got new coaches and things started to turn around. They believed in us and we worked hard. We have worked our way into the top of the world. It's a big surprise that things are going so well this year.

Max Franz
I did not feel so good while riding. That's why I'm surprised that only two hundredths were missing to the winning time. The weather did not cooperate today, so I am very happy with my second place - if it stays that way. Today, the lower starting numbers were luckier; normally it is the other way round in Val Gardena/Gröden. But first, it turns out differently, and second, than you think. The race is not over yet. When the weather gets better, even high bib numbers can place n front - then it gets really exciting again.

Matthias Meyer
I was very surprised by my race because i made a big mistake in the Ciaslat so i wasn’t thinking about a podium. The crash is sometimes on my mind when I ski here but not today, I felt comfortable, had a good speed. The downhill is very different as we have a lot more speed in the section where my crash happened two years ago. I was thinking about it in the training runs, just a little bit, nothing serious. Conditions are always different and i have been skiing for so long that it doesn’t affect my mindset if there is just one thin line of snow to ski on or if there is snow and fog. Today was a perfect day for skiers.

Aleksander Aamodt Kilde
There is no Norwegian podium today. We Norwegians could not give one hundred percent - but that's the way it is. My run was ok. I've made a mistake that lost some time, but on the whole I'm satisfied. The weather can of course change here. When it snows, it slows you down and when the sun comes out it gets even faster. We will see! I was lucky in my run; the weather was good. I always enjoy racing here in Val Gardena/Gröden. Of course, I'm really pleased with to my placement.

Peter Fill
It was a positive race. I am quite satisfied, even though I did not get the most optimal conditions. Nevertheless, I was able to ride with the best. I attacked and gave my everything - that makes me feel positive. The start in Val Gardena/Gröden is very flat, so I had my difficulties. I prefer it when a race starts a bit steeper. I was quite satisfied with the remaining sections. Shortly before my race, light snowfall started which made the run a little slower. Now I'm looking forward to tomorrow's race.

Adrien Theaux
My Super-G run was nice, I had a very good feeling, I think I skied well. The result is not so bad but I expected more today, but i wasn’t so lucky with the conditions as I started right after the long interruption. But the racer before me, Dominik Paris, was even unluckier as he had to ski through the fog, which is really bad. When I started, it was snowing at the top and it wasn’t good for me for gliding on the flat, as there was only one forerunner so there was snow on the track. But that’s the game. The good thing is that it went well today, so i’m happy. Everybody said this morning that you have to have a high bib to win the race but it turned out that it was the other way around as on the podium today went to #2, #4 and #7. So you just never know for the race, but for sure the bib in the Super-G played a role, but that’s the game. My training runs for the downhill went well, I made some mistakes but some parts were nice. I hope it will be good conditions and not like the training when the slope got faster and faster after the first 30 racers. I will do my best just like today and then we’ll see.

Thomas Dressen
A few things went wrong for me today: I did not race so well, was impatient and not precise. I also got stuck too often on the line and did not let my skis run properly. All this adds up. But a good day can also be followed by a bad one - it’s not the end of the world. Given the conditions, I could have done a lot better. The visibility was neither good nor bad. From time to time I noticed that the track slowed down a little bit. I am very happy for Ferstl, he deserves it.