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Women’s empowerment – women making history


The trend of involving female figures in key roles has always been significant and concrete within the Saslong Classic Club. Women play a fundamental role in the Committee, also holding sensitive and strategic positions for the positive outcome of international racing events.

During the last gripping Ski World Cup races in December, for example, 28% of the staff turned out to be women, and almost half of them occupy key positions, and not only in communication, marketing and organisation but also on the slope.

Another element to take into account is the succession of women with great experience to young girls, who are amongst those on which the Committee also relies for the realisation of future goals (such as the possible World Championships in 2029); just think that 70% of the girls involved in the Saslong Classic Club are under 40 years of age.
This generational transfer is a very important element and it often also involves members of the same family, from parent to son or daughter, a fact that favours even more the transmission of know-how and of the passion for their home territory and for what they work on.

Today, three women are part of the Council of the Saslong Classic Club, and female managers are covering strategic roles such as the secretary general, the Media Centre manager, and the race office coordinator.
The strong presence of women in the Organising Committee allows a broader vision of different situations that are not only competition-related, as well as a marked sensitivity towards the reception and management of elements that are no less important than the competitive aspects.

Another aspect of fundamental importance is the contribution of several former athletes, who can provide a very significant experience based on a vast store of knowledge.

Val Gardena has always been the place to practice sport, both in summer and in winter, and is chosen by many athletes as an ideal training ground, as well as having seen the birth of numerous champions of the present and past, in several disciplines (see the following article).

The general transition, the contribution derived from women’s sensibility and ability, and the experience of those for whom international competitions have occupied a large part of their lives, are the three key factors that distinguish the Saslong Classic Club, which today has, as its great goal, the dream of bringing back, after 59 years, the World Ski Championships on its snow, in its mountains.