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Optimise all that exists and avoid waste

Tangible actions and fewer words. Following this mantra, the people, associations and istitutions from Val Gardena have been working for quite a while now, aware of two things: the first is that living in a unique and universally beautiful place entails responsibility and a concrete commitment; the second is that preserving one’s environment is an important step towards leaving a true legacy to future generations, and this require projects, actions and initiatives.


Goldberg sets first benchmark

On Tuesday, the action kicked off at the base of the Sassolungo/Langkofel mountain with the first training session for the upcoming downhill races in Val Gardena/Gröden on the renowned Saslong course. Jared Goldberg, hailing from the United States and displaying a close connection with Saslong, navigated the course expertly, securing the top spot in the initial training run with a swift time of 2:02.19 minutes.


DOLOMITES Val Gardena Südtirol Ski Trophy: Will Aleksander Aamodt Kilde celebrate again?

Since 2016, the fastest racer of the Ski World Cup in Val Gardena/Gröden has won an additional prize. The winner of the so-called DOLOMITES Val Gardena South Tyrol Ski Trophy can look forward to an authentic 3D wooden bust, extra prize money of 5,000 euros, a short stay in Val Gardena/Gröden and a climb of the Sassolungo/Langkofel accompanied by a local expert mountain guide.


"Possibilities for Surprises"

In the first downhill training session, the Saslong revealed a somewhat different facet of its usual profile, marked by unfamiliar terrain and extended jumps, ultimately clinched by the US American, Jared Goldberg. Here's a compilation of insights from some key racers following the training.


Live on-site: The experienced Saslong editorial team is ready to roll.

The entire Val Gardena/Gröden region is geared up for the 56th edition of the Saslong Classic in an XXL format. From Thursday to Saturday, three races—two downhill races and a super-G—will unfold at the base of the Sassolungo/Langkofel. While the world's top speed aces take on the first downhill training on Tuesday, the Saslong editorial team has already commenced their work.


The teams are eager for the first downhill training in Val Gardena/Gröden

The 56th Saslong Classic opened on Monday evening with the traditional team captains' meeting at the Community Center in Selva/Wolkenstein.


Premiere of the Speed Clinic with many beaming faces

Gently introducing young female racers to the speed disciplines - that is the aim of the Speed Clinic in a nutshell. The first edition of this exceptional training camp for young women at the end of November on Piz Sella was a sensational success - on all levels.


The whole Saslong team is ready

The Sunday evening kick-off meeting before the Val Gardena/Gröden race week is essential, bringing together the Saslong Classic Club board, the organizing committee, and representatives from involved institutions and local security forces. This gathering marks the eagerly anticipated start of the South Tyrolean winter sports festival.


Clear the stage for the 56th Saslong Classic in Val Gardena

In the 2023/24 season, the ski world can once again look forward to one of its true World Cup classics next week. And a triple-edition at that: A downhill race that was canceled in Zermatt-Cervinia will be hosted on the Saslong on Thursday, 14 December, before the original program is held with the super-G on Friday, 15 December and the downhill on Saturday, 16 December. Once again, everything is in place for the big South Tyrolean ski festival. 


Get discounted Saslong tickets

INITIATIVE: Thursday races at a special price to celebrate skiing

This year, the Ski World Cup in Val Gardena/Gröden will host three thrilling races on the last weekend before Christmas. For the opening downhill race on Thursday, 14 December, the Saslong Classic Club is extending a special offer on tickets for skiing enthusiasts who have already purchased or plan to purchase tickets for either of the other two races.


Val Gardena gets Green Light from FIS Snow Inspection

The anticipation for the 56th Saslong Classic soars as the International Ski and Snowboard Federation (FIS) gives its stamp of approval following the mandatory snow inspection. The trio of World Cup races in Val Gardena scheduled for the last weekend before Christmas is now officially confirmed.


Val Gardena to host a third World Cup race this years

Like last year, three men's World Cup races in the speed disciplines are on the program as part of the Saslong Classic. One of the two canceled races of the Matterhorn Cervino Speed Opening will be made up for on Thursday, December 14 in Val Gardena/Gröden.


Val Gardena prepares for the 56th Saslong Classic

Only seven weeks remain until the world's elite downhill racers rattle on their razor-sharp skis across one of the most renowned race slopes in the ski circuit. On Friday, 15 December, the super-G will take place in Val Gardena as part of the 56th Saslong Classic, while one day later - on Saturday, 16 December - the classic downhill will be held.


The course for the future is set in Zurich

The Hilton Zurich Airport Hotel was once again the venue for the annual FIS Autumn Meetings last week. An extremely active participant was the Saslong Classic Club, which not only joined the other Ski World Cup organizers in getting ready for the 2023/24 season, but also presented its bid for the 2029 Alpine World Ski Championships.


Aleksander Aamodt Kilde redeems the Dolomites Val Gardena Südtirol Ski Trophy win

This celebration is becoming increasingly a highlight in the summer: On Saturday, the Saslong Classic Club, together with Dolomites Val Gardena, honored skiing star Aleksander Aamodt Kilde at Monte Pana. Kilde, who secured the Dolomites Val Gardena South Tyrol Ski Trophy in December of the past year, was accompanied by his family.


Val Gardena hands over World Championships questionnaire at FIS headquarters

The Saslong Classic Club has set the next milestone on its way towards the 2029 Alpine World Ski Championships. The Val Gardena World Cup organizers, who can count on the strong support of the Italian Winter Sports Federation FISI centered around president Flavio Roda for their ambitious project, sent the questionnaire to the International Ski and Snowboard Federation FIS in due time a few days ago.


Ticket sales start on 1 September

As is well known, anticipation is the best joy. This also applies to the advance ticket sales for the two World Cup classics on the Saslong. The ticket shop will go on sale in exactly 50 days on Friday, 1 September.


Paez and Morath claim the challenge in the sign of the 2029 World Championship bid

Last Saturday, Colombian Leon Paez (for the eighth time) and German Adelheid Morath, who successfully defended her title from the previous year, won the BMW HERO Südtirol Dolomites 2023. The two mountain biking aces were also delighted with a unique additional prize related to the alpine skiing classics in Val Gardena/Gröden.


The classic races on the Saslong on December 15 and 16 are now also officially confirmed

During the 54th Congress of the International Ski and Snowboard Federation FIS in Zurich on Thursday, the competition calendars for the 2023/24 season were approved. As expected, the usual date on the last weekend before Christmas was confirmed for Val Gardena/Gröden.


FIS Alpine TV Workshop: Saslong Classic Club to host the event

The 2022/23 Alpine ski season may be history, but in the coming weeks and months, the course is already being set for the year ahead. Thus, from Wednesday, 26 April to Friday, 28 April, stakeholders responsible for the international TV production of the Ski World Cup met in South Tyrol.


Val Gardena/Gröden delivers an exceptional ski spectacle

This year, on the last weekend before Christmas, the speed classics on the venerable Saslong were on the docket for the 55th time. The organizers of the Saslong Classic Club once again stood out with their impeccable organization at the anniversary edition and, true to their motto "Passion & Performance," attracted not only the best downhill skiers in the world but also ski fans from near and far.


"The entire team has done an outstanding job"

The 55th edition of the speed classics on the Saslong is in the history books. The president of the Saslong Classic Club, Rainer Senoner, looks back on the anniversary edition of the Val Gardena/Gröden race week with satisfaction.


Victory in the downhill: Kilde's fifth triumph on the Saslong

Aleksander Aamodt Kilde is the big winner of this year's downhill classic on the Saslong. The Norwegian lived up to his role as favorite in fantastic external conditions and raced to first place for the fifth time in Val Gardena/Gröden.


"Kilde is an outstanding skier"

Aleksander Aamodt Kilde was once again unbeatable in the downhill classic, claiming his fifth victory overall on the Saslong. We captured the voices of the main characters after the race.




Luis Vogt wins the Gianni Marzola Prize

Once again, the youngest participant in the speed races on the Saslong was awarded a special trophy, the Gianni Marzola Prize.


Kilde secures his second DOLOMITES Val Gardena Südtirol Ski Trophy

The first place in the downhill classic secured the victory for Aleksander Aamodt Kilde in the special prize DOLOMITES Val Gardena Südtirol Ski Trophy. The trophy honors the racer who collects the most World Cup points during the race week in Val Gardena/Gröden.


The Oti Striedinger fan club prevails at the fan parade

The popular fan parade could be held regularly again this year after it had been cancelled twice due to Corona. Many fan clubs did not miss the opportunity and turned the streets of St. Christina into a colorful madhouse.


This is what the media wrote about the super-G cancellation

Even though the super-G could not be held on Friday due to inclement weather conditions, the national and international press reported on the events in Val Gardena/Gröden.


Last year's winner opens the downhill classic

After the cancelled super-G, the highlight of the 55th Saslong Classic is the downhill on Saturday. This will be opened by none other than Bryce Bennett, the winner of the downhill classic in 2021.


"We can provide a great downhill course."

At the fourth Team Captains' Meeting on Friday evening in Selva/Wolkenstein, the canceled super-G was the day's topic. However, in addition to a brief analysis of the canceled race, there was also time to look ahead to the final day of the 55th Saslong Classic.


Val Gardena/Gröden dreams of the 2029 World Ski Championships: "Want to build on our decades of work."

On Thursday afternoon, during a press conference held at the World Cup Press Center in St. Cristina, Val Gardena/Gröden's candidacy for the 2029 Alpine World Ski Championships was presented.