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2008: Walchhofer ends dry spell for Austria

Michael Walchhofer’s relationship to Gardena-Gröden is turning from hate to love. Walchhofer placed silver four times before capturing his first gold on the Saslong in 2007. He followed with another gold this year ending a one year drought for the Austrian Downhill team. He had already indicated that the dry spell might be coming to an end this week and even Hermann Maier admitted that there is no one better to win than Walchhofer. And he proved right. Walchhofer won with a large margin of 0.38 seconds ahead of Bode Miller. Third-placed Manuel Osborne-Paradis is lagging the winner by 0.53 seconds. Walchhofer was visibly relieved when he reached the Finish. His first comment: “I was a little down after yesterday’s race and put on a real show today. More than ever did I race for Austria today!" 

Erik Guay might be somewhat disappointed after the training. The Canadian lead both runs but landed only 5th today. Similar to the local team which was not able to repeat the top results of yesterday with Werner Heel winning the Super-G. Peter Fill placed best among the Italians with a 17th spot.