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"The entire team has done an outstanding job"

The 55th edition of the speed classics on the Saslong is in the history books. The president of the Saslong Classic Club, Rainer Senoner, looks back on the anniversary edition of the Val Gardena/Gröden race week with satisfaction.

Mr. Senoner, what is your first conclusion after the World Cup week?

This year's edition was a complete success. What makes us particularly happy is that all the athletes safely reached the finish line and returned home in good health. Moreover, after two editions in which the Corona restrictions dictated many rules, we again welcomed a great crowd to Val Gardena/Gröden at this year's races. Last but not least, the entire organization team did an outstanding job. All those involved deserve our thanks for this.

In the run-up to the event, this year's edition could have been described as a "marketing tool" for the 2029 World Ski Championships. Could the races be used as advertising?

We made the most of our chance. We were forced to cancel the super-G on Friday, but on some days, you don't stand a chance against nature. On the other hand, we had great weather for the second downhill and a great end to the race week. Of course, we always try to improve our preparation for the upcoming editions.

Two milestones were reached: the 55th edition of the Saslong Classic and the 100th World Cup race on the Saslong this year. What do these anniversaries mean for the organizing committee?

We are all incredibly proud of what has been achieved. At the same time, we always see ourselves as a team and always speak in 'we' terms. I think the entire Val Gardena/Gröden can look back with satisfaction on the last 55 years. We know it needs everyone's support - fortunately, we can count on it.