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Val Gardena heads to 2029

Val Gardena/Gröden candidates to host the Alpine Ski World Championships in 2029

Over 50 years since our valley hosted its first and only Alpine Ski World Championships. Since then, the passion for skiing has grown continuously, with the annual World Cup races on the famous Saslong slope contributing significantly to this. The international skiing circuit competes for gold in these classic races on the last weekend before Christmas. Every year, we organize a premier sporting event. Our long-standing experience, an enormous passion for skiing, and the availability of resources and infrastructures help us host the event successfully and a possible World Championship.

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Our goal is to organize an innovative and sustainable sports event - based on what is already in existence today regarding race courses, infrastructure, and much more. Together for our descendants, for the sport, and along with our population, we want to leave a legacy worth living, incorporating sport, culture, language, and tradition. This is how we bring skiing back to its origins - in front of a breathtaking backdrop; to people who live for skiing.


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