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The slopes

A World Championship on existing courses


The dossier for the 2029 World Championships bid presents existing courses to the FIS. We will build no new slopes. Downhill and super-G will be held on the current World Cup Saslong track in Selva/Wolkenstein. We will use the Ciampinoi 3 track to crown the world champions in technical disciplines such as slalom and giant slalom. The slopes in the Piz Sella/Plan de Gralba area, in Dantercepies, the Cir and La Ria tracks and the Alpha track on Mont de Sëura will be used as training courses. In addition, the Ciampinoi 4 run in Selva Gardena will be renovated. It will soon be available for young athletes to use as an additional training and race course for future FIS events. The Monte Pana runs, located near the other race course, are also being considered as potential ski testing tracks.

Environmentally conscious partners
The facilities have already been adapted using the most innovative technologies in cooperation with renowned companies from the ski and snowmaking industry and beyond. For example, water is saved by producing the same amount of snow with less use of this valuable resource and energy. For many essential areas, the organizers of the World Cup plan to work closely with South Tyrolean companies that have pioneering roles and are at the cutting edge of innovation and sustainability. In this way, we are planning the future together!

Ciampinoi 3 & Saslong