Photo: Credit R.Perathoner

Raiffeisen FIS Challenge Val Gardena/Gröden

Saslong Classic Club is hosting three FIS races from November 30 to December 1, including two Super-G races and one Downhill race.

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Fri. 20. Nov. 2015

The Saslong in the Fall Line

Nathaniel Vinton

If you have been tracking the ski sport for years and believe that there is nothing more that you don’t already know, ...

Sat. 07. Nov. 2015

Camel Humps and Ciaslat: The Classics of the Classic

The Camel Humps are what extort the most respect on the Saslong. An approach at high-way speed and then - nothing. Or ...

Fri. 30. Oct. 2015

VIP Offers at Saslong

Once again, the Saslong is luring viewers looking for something special with additional offerings surrounding ...

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